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We praise you for delivering on every promise. Praise be to the most high.

Blessings to all. With prayer and a new eating plan your mom can be helped. Please email me and I can pass a really great way to change life style from a Christian young man that was set freevftom cancer. Dear Nicole, Your mom has still a lot of work to do. I applauded you for having a very honest, faithful love and of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless your mother, you and all in the family.

I was very ill of Multimyeloma Cancer of the bones, in I was in and out from the hospital, I had a fall in the bedroom on May 16, I was diagnosed on stage 4 according to my daughter. I got surgery on my left leg and was sent to Rhode Island to a specialist for another surgery on my left leg, right shoulder arm and my left shoulder arm that were bad,because my daughter brought me to Richmond hospice care. When I fell on my bath room, I only had one surgery on my left leg. But because my bones are brittle I had 3 surgeries.

So all in. Before, I was very energetic. I drive around, do lots of things around the house and helped my daughter all in the home. I am so happy that our Lord Jesus saved me. I was in a wheel chair from.

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In early , I graduated using it and went using the came. Now, I graduated using from it to. I am now using a cane when I go out eating or done with my daughter. My doctor, in late , up till now said the good news, I am in a remission my cancer of the bones is incurable but we can manage to balance keep track of it. She was also cited and healed by reading everyday of the Scriptures. She said she makes her reading it as if it was her prescribed prescription. I finished my chemo therapy before end of I still go to my appointments for a check up with my doctor to follow up the malady inflicted by our enemy.

I am not yet able to go back to church, to resume my service of being a Eucharistic Minister, and of a Lector at the Homily every Sunday mass. My faith in Jesus Christ is unwavering, sincere. As long as we believe we will receive. I love to serve him thru the rest of my life, I promise him that. I will live in the righteousness of His mercy and whatever pleases him with His sight I will give an ear to his commandments and keep all his Statutes to venerated it in our home.

I pray that our country and President will be successful with our economy that recessions are far away from our economy, we will have peace, love and unity and not war among nations. Amen in the name of Jesus Christ I wish your mom will have remission soon. God bless you for taking care of her. Jesus said: He gives us authority to do something over our sickness in our body. I was diagnosed with an 8 after prostate surgery. I am Standing on the promises of God I preached for 40 years and I know God can make a way I feel healthy as a horse and can work up from morning tonight.

God is Faithful! Thank you for making these prayers available. My daughter and I are going through issues beyond our control, but I am confident that God is in control and that all things are working for our good.

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Hi my name is Anita doctor told me I had bacteria in my bowels n I have lost weight sometime have know appetite to eat sometimes just want pray for my body I have faith that lord will heal me completely. Kim, please email that infom to me also!

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Thank you so much for compiling these verses together in one place! I was diagnosed with heart failure in October at the age of I am eager to be healed because I have two teenage children who need a mom.

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I trust God and His wisdom, but I also believe that sometimes we have not because we ask not — and I am asking. Prayers for all of you who are suffering with life threatening conditions. We can pray for each other! God is faithful. Hi, Your testimony always caused me joy even before I became ill. Thanks for the listing of all the verses that meant so much to you. I know that HE healed all kinds of disease and sicknesses.

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Recently I was also found to be anemic, with additional symptoms of low hemoglobin and iron. They are also full of more and more people who desperately need healing. Please pray not only for my healing but for a spreading of that power to others. Cancer — and Luke has been strongly impressed on me; and that I am to pray that God intervenes!

No Plan B or as I call it — the Hagar alternative. Please join with me in my doggrd prayer — like the widow woman — that God intervenes. To all my friends on this page who are very ill of Any Cancer! I do not know what kind of Cancer you have. My faith, hope and prayers go with you. Please recite all the healing scriptures compiled by Dodie Osteen ,mother of pastor Joel Osteen.

Read it midnight and night so you can memorize, put it in your heart and mouth, so that you can believe, receive, pray it yourself and you will be healed completely, He will restore your health with His stripes you will heal. He can even renew your youth like that of an Eagles! Whatever miracles He did in the bible yesterday, He can do it to me and to you today. Trust Jesus Christ. He loves us because of His sins he died on the cross was crucified to redeem us from sins. Believe and you will receive. Whatever you pray for,with your belief and trust in Him, God the Father will grant it to you and you will have it.

Do not waver your faith on Him ,please pray the Holy Rosary everyday, She is miraculous. She will help you too! I was on a stage 4 Very ill in. My enemy has inflicted my body with multimyeloma Cancer of the bones. I fell on my bathroom, and because of the fall, I had 4surgery, one on each of my legs and one on each of my arms. You will come out victorious from these surgeries! I cried but I know He was with me. I received chemo theraphy once a week and in , My doctor told me that I am into remission and until now.

He is with us every moment of our life. Until now I go see my doctor once a month to get a blood test on my vein to know the level of my blood.

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It is still good am in a remission! I follow the diet what I should eat, and not eat for mmultimyeloma cancer of the bones. It is treatable but we have to be sure that we follow the good diet for the treatment. Before, I cannot walk around the house, I have graduated from that so I ALSO was using the walker I also have graduated from that and now I am using the Cane and I exercise twice a day so I can move and circulate my blood in my body.

I feel sorry that even little children are sick of Cancer! I pray for them too.