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Priss feels like a fool for chasing a rainbow. When a rival gang draws down on Thunder and his crew, Priss gets caught in the crossfire, and Thunder decides Priss is safer coming along with him. This steamy novel is guaranteed to make your knees quake! Lucifer Riders is a short story with a happy ending.

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Warning: This book contains Explicit content and is intended for adult eyes only! With several years of experience as with writing, Alexandra is a seasoned writer who always deliver an engaging and exciting story and plot! If you only want to read romance of the highest quality, Alexandra Stone is your go-to author! Rezensionen und Bewertungen Neu. The A.

I think you do a diservice to all scooter people by referring to any of the clubs in the article as gangs..

Very poor.. A club is a club and a gang is a gang.

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Get real, stop whining! I will not argue with you about motorcycle clubs. That would be pointless. I will say, however, that I have stood many times in cemeteries while a fallen American soldier was being laid to rest. On either side of me were men wearing the colors of what you call the 1 problem. They were wiping tears just as I was. My gut tells me that you do not know any of these men.

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You believe what you are told. Not me. I have treated these men with respect and in return have been treated with respect by them. This means they are not followers and do not care what others think.

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They do not want to live their life as sheep. I am not a member of a club but I am smart enough to know the difference between living free and being a criminal. If a member of an MC has a job and a family how are they thugs. This is not the case, everyone is different and some people choose to commit crimes.

Wearing a patch is not about being a thug it is about brotherhood, riding and camaraderie. What people do is up to them and that means some of them choose to profit from illegal things. They are no different then the corrupt politicians and police. I party hard and live my life on my own terms.

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Police now believe that he was murdered by Larry Via, a struggling musician and poet who had spent the summer travelling with an exotic dancer called Charmaine Phillips and carrying out a series of robberies. Days after the body of Mr Peters was found, a university student named Jane Maguire was raped and shot dead by a hitchhiker she had picked up at a rest stop in Ohio. Via was convicted in that case and sentenced to life in prison. Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access. Already a member?

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