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Thus, to dream of a bird generally is acquainted with either a desire for freedom or a current sense of freedom. It may also be a premonition of death this is why some cultures believe a death is forthcoming if a bird flies inside their homes. A caged bird — restraint or entrapment. Different birds have different meanings within dreams. They are generally complex dream symbols which can indicate various emotional states depending on the particular situation appearing in our dreams. Birds fying in the sky or chirping on the branches of trees may point to happy moments to come, as well as harmony and emotional balance, fortune and good luck.

Birds soaring through an azure sky points to freedom from constraints, spiritual and psychological liberty, and self-confidence.

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Wounded, dying or dead birds on the other hand, may point to troubles, worries and dark periods to come. When we dream of birth it typically is associated with some new phase we are experiencing. It can also mean we are acknowledging our own mortality and the cycle of life. Dreaming of a birthday usually indicates celebrations and enjoyment. To receive gifts may point to progress in your life.

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If, however, nobody remembers your birthday, it may be an indication of a struggle for significance. You may feel overlooked in your relationships with significant others. Anything presented in a dream as odd whilst dreaming is the unconscious attempting to make us pay particular notice; in other words, the symbol is important. Blackbird — see Dream Dictionary: Birds Blindfolding. To be blindfolded in a dream is a warning that someone is deliberately attempting to deceive us.

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If we are blindfolding another, it infers we are not being honest. To dream of being blind suggests there is something we do not wish to see. Thus, the content and context of the dream are vital in deciphering its meaning. A block can be represented in many forms. Anything interpreted as a block suggests we may experience instances in the future whereby we will run into obstacles. The dream is attempting to convey the message that one must manoeuvre.


Blood in dreams is typically symbolic of abuse, however, when it appears it rarely applies to bleeding as a result of direct physical violence. Generally, it arises as a result of emotional type suffering including sexual abuse. In most dreams, when the central focus is to do with the body it is the unconscious making us aware of the ego To read more about the ego see the section on Sigmund Freud on the Homepage.

However different parts of the body can mean different things: Abdomen, Stomach, Belly — repressed feelings. Our sleeping thoughts revolve around us, and therefore we are always the most important subject of our own dream. The symbolism of our physical body is ripe for interpretation. We often dream of ourselves slimmer, more muscular, or with larger breasts, but such a self-image is a reflection of how we desire to be seen.

Bones — also see Limbs in Dream Dictionary: Body To dream of bones suggests something once important has run its course; that we need to recognise its death and move on. Bonfire — also see Dream Dictionary: Fire A bonfire in a dream is indicative of a type of ritual cleansing; a need to cleanse some aspect of our life or character.

It can also imply burning passions. If a bomb appears in a dream it is a pre-emptive warning that some form of explosive situation is likely to be forthcoming. Book — also see Dream Dictionary: Novel To dream of books infers a need for knowledge in a particular area. If in the dream one is being given a bouquet it implies we see the positive qualities in ourselves and that we expect others to see them also.

If the dreamer is the one giving a bouquet to another, it suggests we appreciate the goodness of that person. Hence, the content of the dream is vital. In a dream if a bottle is seen, much depends on the type of bottle presented. A bottle of alcohol may denote celebrations, addiction, excess, or a need for cleansing. Bottom — see Dream Dictionary: Position Bow. A bowl is a vessel in which one carries things, in a dream it relates to what the dreamer carries in life relative to emotions. However, of utmost importance in determining the meaning of a dream incorporating a bowl is the size of the bowl, how full the bowl is, and what is in the bowl.

Dreams of boxes have the obvious connotation of the dreamer feeling boxed in. If the dreamer sees him or her self packing boxes however it can imply they are either moving on usually from the past or needing a change. To dream of the brain relates to learning and knowledge in the waking life.

The full meaning of the learning and knowledge will be dependent on other content present in the dream. Hence, a small piece of bread as opposed to a large piece says we are either starving or full. If we are sharing the bread then we are able to share our fullness with others. Any form of breakage in a dream is symbolic of some form of loss. Obviously to discern what that loss is one need pay attention to other content within the dream. A breastplate is a protective piece of armour to cover the heart.

As such, in a dream it is symbolic of a need to protect ourselves from having our heart damaged by another. This may be a message to either let our defences down or keep them up depending on who the dream is referring to. Breasts — also see Dream Dictionary: Body To dream of breasts is symbolic of the love and nourishment of motherhood.

To dream of a mild breeze is indicative of love, peace, and compassion. On the other hand, a stiff breeze suggests a certain degree of harshness. Bride — also see Dream Dictionary: Marriage If a woman dreams of a bride it is her attempt at trying to reconcile between independence, responsibility, and freedom.


If a male dreams of a bride it is his coming to terms with the feminine side of himself. Bridegroom — also see Dream Dictionary: Marriage To dream of a bridegroom implies a need or desire for responsibility.

intrex.info/modules/douglas/une-rencontre-citation-skyrock.php The bridge in dreams symbolises the crossing of one phase to another in waking life. Note should be taken as to the sturdiness of the bridge in a dream i. To dream of a bridle infers we are being directed to become more focussed in life. Note should be taken as to the material the bridle is constructed of as this can provide clue regarding the area that one needs to become focussed in. Brightness in a dream suggests one needs to look outside of him or herself in order to obtain an illumination in some aspect of their life.

To be providing a broadcast infers we have a desire to reach out in some way to others. To be listening to a broadcast suggests we perhaps are not paying attention to the messages other people are offering. To dream of a brotherhood implies we have a desire to belong to a group; that we are possibly void in waking life of a sense of belonging. If a man dreams of being a client in a brothel, it can infer he has a fear of females or is at least threatened in their presence. For a woman to dream of working in a brothel suggests she has not yet come to terms with her sexuality.

Situations of brutality in dreams are often described as nightmares.