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A byte is capable of holding a string that is needed in larger application processing. For large amounts of memory, prefixes are added to bytes. For example:.

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Most computer applications compare size and transfer rates in larger multiples of bytes like kilobytes and megabytes. Some programming languages also make use of bytes as a data type. Toggle navigation Menu.

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Techopedia explains Byte A byte is capable of holding a string that is needed in larger application processing. Share this:.


Byte, the Follow-Up to Vine, Begins Sending Out Beta Invites

Related Terms. Byte is a bit different from its predecessor Vine in that it utilizes vertical videos instead of square, looping clips. Currently, according to TechCrunch , it only offers direct camera recordings instead of uploads, and a user feed that only supports comments and Likes.

As a result of being unable to earn revenue directly through Vine, many of its premier users ended up utilizing YouTube or other platforms like Patreon to supplement their income. Vine was a massively popular short-form video hosting service that people uploaded six-second-long clips to.

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They ranged from short skits to music and everything in between. Videos published via Vine could be shared throughout a range of other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and several notable social media stars got their start there, such as Logan Paul. At its peak, the service had million active users, and had spawned plenty of memes and other memorable clips that have since been archived and shared around the internet in various video compilations.

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Twitter originally acquired Vine in October ahead of its official launch, meaning the platform had full control over its operations. Unfortunately, by October 27, , Twitter announced it would be disabling viewer uploaded to the service, though users could still download and view their favorite clips. An announcement soon followed that Twitter would be discontinuing the Vine app.