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It also shows a variety of different types of leaves. The younger children absolutely love that! Leaves by David by David Ezra Stein. He attempts to reattach them but no luck.

Autumn Leaves

He eventually gets so tired he has to sleep but when he awakens its spring! After reading activity : Discuss what the bear does? What is hibernation? How do you prepare for winter? Are there any other animals who hibernate? The Book of Fall by Agnese Baruzzi.


This is a very simple book with bright colorful images of experiences, sensations or objects we would typically associate with fall like leaves, puddles, rain boots and colourful trees. Another great book for younger learners to learn about the fall through their senses. After reading activity: Make a think map of all the things you associate with autumn like sights, sounds, objects and sensations using both words and pictures. This was a fall favourite in my classroom.

There are beautiful illustrations and a sweet story about all the small things that tell us that autumn is arriving. In our classroom we made a colorful list using this book and adding our own ideas. I love to include some books in the classroom that also include relia or real life examples.

Short Stories: Leaf People

This book is chalk full of fall themed images like red, orange and yellow leaves, acorns and squirrels harvesting for winter. They include fun fall activities like jumping in leaves and also talks about how different animals get ready for colder weather. Whether you have a preschool aged child or an older child, this book is versatile enough for any age.

After reading activity: Are you feeling inspired after all those beautiful fall photos? Either take your own fall pictures or cut out images from magazines and make a fall collage. Hello, Harvest Moon by Ralph Fletcher. This lovely book takes place on a crisp cool fall night of the harvest moon.

Fall Books for Children--Best Picture Books About Fall (Autumn)

While the adults are fast asleep, a little girl and her cat explore all the happens of fall at night in nature as the full harvest moon rises over the corn fields. It is told so beautifully and poetically that it lends itself well to talking about imagery, similes and metaphors. After reading activity: Go through the book and write out your favourite similes and metaphors about fall at night. Arthur Jumps into Fall by Marc Brown.

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Arthur was always a childhood favourite of mine so I had to include this one in the list. He enlists the help of his friends and gets the raking done. After reading activity : This is a great one to teach socialization skills and the importance of helping our friends. Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. This is a simple story where the wind takes leaf man and blows him away to many different lands where he encounters ducks, fields of pumpkins and winter squash and turkeys.

Why Do Trees Shed Their Leaves In Autumn Season?

The author creates eye catching images with textured paper and leaves. They also show the different kinds of leaves and what trees they come from. Great for a science sorting project. After reading activity: Take a nature walk and collect leaves and acorns to create your own leaf man or leaf animals. Why do Leaves Change Color? By Betsy Maestro. This autumn book is perfect for teaching students exactly what happens during the magical process that makes leaves change color in autumn by introducing photosynthesis.

The book also includes simple, fun activities you can do afterwards. It makes a great resource book to add for your curious learners. After reading activity: Make your own chart together documenting how leaves change color. I had to include one more great fall read by Lois Ehlert.

This is another beautifully written autumn themed book. It can be used to teach autumn in general or used during a poetry or words of speech unit to dissect similes and metaphors among other parts of speech.


You could do a simple work-sheet about photosynthesis and plants, you could have students write their own fall poem using this book as inspiration or find and identify different types of leaves. The possibilities are endless. I hope you enjoyed my favourite fall reads. Did you find some new ones? Leave me a comment below.

Do you have any awesome autumn themed crafts or project ideas? I have a list of awesome fall books and activities with worksheets you can check […]. Great post I have most of these books and love them. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Wilkie Collins was one of the leading English authors of the Victorian era. Collins was a prolifi c author and he is credited for writing the first modern detective novel in English literature. Experience of the reception of The Fallen Leaves by intelligent readers, who have followed the course of the periodical publication at home and abroad, has satisfied me that the design of the work speaks for itself, and that the scrupulous delicacy of treatment, in certain portions of the story, has been as justly appreciated as I could wish.

Having nothing to explain, and so far as my choice of subject is concerned nothing to excuse, I leave my book, without any prefatory pleading for it, to make its appeal to the reading public on such merits as it may possess. Walking the Moral Hospital.

Walking the Moral Hospital". Wilkie Collins The Queen of Hearts. William Wilkie Collins was an English novelist, playwright, and short story writer. In Basils secret and unconsummated marriage to the linen-drapers sexually precocious daughter, and the shocking betrayal, insanity, and death that follow, Wilkie Collins reveals the bustling, commercial London of the 19th century wreaking its vengeance on a still powerful aristocratic world. Wilkie Collins Basil. In his novel Basil Wilkie Collins reveals the bustling, commercial London of the 19th century wreaking its vengeance on a still powerful aristocratic world.