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He takes her back to Jumbuck Springs so she can persuade her brothers to let her come home. Lacey is thrilled to have won a reprieve but nothing about the situation sits well with Coop.

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Least of all having sweet little Lacey Weston as his new roomie… Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Outback Heat 1. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Some Girls Do , please sign up. Can this be read as a Stand-alone? Amy Andrews Hi Amy. Yes, it can. Its the first in the series so you also meet the three brothers who each have a book as well but its a complete story in itself.

Thanks for the question! Love, Amy x less. See 1 question about Some Girls Do…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 28, Nicola rated it really liked it. Amy Andrews' first book in her Outback Heat series was an easy enjoyable read.

Having read several books from her, I have to confess I was expecting a little more steam sooner, but it mattered not as she holds the story together with a likeable cast of characters in a lovely Aussie outback setting. The older brother's best-friend trope is one that forms a staple in my reading diet but the thirteen-year age gap between Cooper and Lacey made this a little different. Grumpy, brooding, sexy and a bit Amy Andrews' first book in her Outback Heat series was an easy enjoyable read. Grumpy, brooding, sexy and a bit of a knight in shining armour, I liked Coop.

Lacey was frustrating with her snap, immature decisions, and I confess she took a little warming to, but she's young, flighty and has three protective older brothers to contend with so she can be forgiven. And with Lacey's three older, single brothers featuring throughout, I'm looking forward to seeing where Amy takes the series.

Copy received courtesy of Tule Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion. Mar 06, Cheesecake rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle-books , ending-sucked , book-free-or-on-sale , author-isnt-my-cup-of-tea , love-may-dec-romance , hero-didnt-grovel-enough , heroine-friends-little-sister , sheesh-skimmed-parts-to-the-end , story-ultimately-disappointing , writing-overly-repetitious.

Coop and Lacey. I feel like I should give this 3 stars because the writing was decent, but I was also disappointed and I am feeling vindictive. I also read most of it on skim mode because there was too much extraneous unimportant info and repetition. So at the start when he still had balls she's 19 and he's They meet in a bar and she lies about her age. They get busy and have the night of their lives. But the next time t Coop and Lacey.

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But the next time they meet, Coop finds out she's 19 AND worse in his eyes, his best friends' little sister. Why haven't they met before? So now Coop has lost his nuts and 3 years pass. Lacey is very unhappy. Her brothers kicked her out to college shortly after their mother dies of cancer. She's never had a chance to grieve and she's spinning out of control. Coop gives her a ride home to small town Australian backwoods and one thing leads to another. Somehow she has lied and said she's pregnant and Coop has joined in her lie to be the fake baby's daddy. The author actually pulls off this shenanigan quite well and the story would have been quite enjoyable, if Coop weren't such a wet blanket.

The man is mid thirties going on Then when he finally realizes that he loves her, he grows a vagina and I'm skimming ahead at breakneck speed hoping the ending will pay out. He's a wuss right til the end and Lacey wears the pants in that relationship. I really don't understand why he spends the whole story pushing her away?? Good thing she comes back for him and basically twists his arm Glad I didn't pay for this one. This book takes place mostly in the outback with a few chapters in a couple of the larger cities in Australia.

As the first book in a series we are introduced to a whole lot of characters but we never lost focus of the main characters or their crazy plight. This book was extremely entertaining, fun to read and sexy as all get out but it also had heart and I very much enjoyed reading it. The fact that he has never gotten over his one night with Lacey puts him at a big disadvantage because he really is ready to go the extra mile to help her in any way.

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She acted out and did things like pick up strange men in bars like Coop and when she realized she had really messed up her life she asked Coop to take her home and to have her back when she told her family she was there to stay for awhile, she just had no idea how much her move would affect him. For a good part of this story these two spent a lot of time together but not time as a couple but during that time they got to know one another a little better.

Lacey saw what a great guy Cooper was and while he drove her crazy by not giving in to his attraction for her; she admired the fact that he was an honorable guy.

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Cooper watched Lacey blossom into a confidant woman and one who was finally happy and settled. Their admiration for each other grew by leaps and bounds and that eventually spilled over into some hot and sexy times. While it was evident they both had pretty strong feelings for each other Cooper also knew that because she was so much younger there would come a time he would have to let her live her dreams and that really spoke of his character. I loved these two together from the start and I enjoyed watching them through the roller coaster ride of their time together including the very happy ending for both of them.

Review copy provided for an honest review. Jan 30, Honeyeater rated it liked it Shelves: romance , australian , contemporary. I knew this book would annoy me with its fake pregnancy. But I bought it and read it and enjoyed it and was annoyed by it anyway.

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Amy Andrews is a fun author to read and I was very much in the mood for a book set in Australia and something that was fairly light and fluffy so no 'Rural Romance' angst Yep, the fake pregnancy shitted me. Lacey is a bit of a turd and it turns out she has been out of control for quite some time - always relying on Coop to come to the rescue. I wish there had been a I knew this book would annoy me with its fake pregnancy.

I wish there had been a huge amount of time spent in this era of the story, obviously Coop developed quite a devotion to Lacey during these shenanigans and it would have been fun to see it happen.

Coop is, 13 years older than Lacey and he's a really lovely guy with quite a background more of that would have been very welcome! I love books with a bit of an age gap between the protagonists - it's a delicious kind of thrill.

Here’s how we’ve managed to pull that off:

Oh yeah - I had another major issue with this book. Lacey had a lover and when it ended she went around to Coop, and had a cry and then they get on with the story. The newly-ex lover is really never mentioned again. She spent no further time thinking about how she was betrayed in a shocking way I might add , and she goes straight into lust mode for Coop.

Isn't that kind of strange? This book reads like it has had large bits cut right out of it. View 1 comment. Oct 02, Paula Pugh rated it it was amazing.

Lacey Weston lost her mother and really needs to be home with her three brothers but they made a promise to their mother that she would go away to design college no matter what. Her reaction to the exile is to act up and rebel as much as she can.

One night of rebelling will cause her lots of problems. Cooper has no idea who she is but after one night is certain she is the ONE he has been waiting f Lacey Weston lost her mother and really needs to be home with her three brothers but they made a promise to their mother that she would go away to design college no matter what.

Cooper has no idea who she is but after one night is certain she is the ONE he has been waiting for forever.