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Jackie leapt over a giant puddle and her foot sank into the soft earth. Ignoring the squishy mud between her toes, she raced through the foliage, making haste for home. There was a time when she would have lingered to speak with the trees and plants. But their cries of agony drove her away.

The trees were suffering from the saturated soil and the low-lying plants were drowning.

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Weeks of rain, wind, and storm were taking their toll on her forest. Her mother had talked about the Storm Giant, but little was known about what conspired high above. She imagined him thrashing around in the clouds as she rushed through the drooping vegetation. It was hard to pluck out the threads of truth from fairy folk stories. Her name was just I had to try out others.


I need the next book. This was so funny!!! Especially Concordia, Chlamydia, Concubine lol. I'll have to read that book!

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The story would have been better if the author had used all the names I came up with. Shelve Me. Monday, July 4, Monster Porn Monday. I read them so you don't have to.

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Once in the game she quickly realizes a few things. She needs to find out the object of the game 2.

She needs to find other players 3. Well, shit. Leveling up has just become priority 1.

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Julianne Reyer: April

How cool would it be to actually go inside a game and play from there? Well, except for getting hurt or dying. Katie learns that she needs to find 5 artifacts and in order to gain experience she can either make alliances with monsters or kill them. As a level 1 mage encountering her 1 st monster, she has no other choice but to make an alliance. The slime monster demands sexual satisfaction in exchange for an alliance and while Katie is icked out, she soon finds herself in orgasmic heaven.

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Slime is so gross! Luckily for Jackie the magic beans really are magic and she uses the beanstalk they grow to climb straight up to see the Storm Giant who is causing all the rain. The Storm Giant is willing to negotiate, but will Jackie survive the terms? Well, she survived being violated by the beanstalk on her way up and the Storm Giant says that nymphs have that effect on beings.

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  • Um, that kinda sucks, putting off a vibe or whatever that makes every living thing want to shag you senseless. Sounds exhausting. There are a few errors, but nothing horrendous.

    This is a quick enjoyable bit of monster porn even if the woman is a nymph and not a human. Taking her space ship, Lioness, out for a spin to clear her head, she somehow flies off course when she falls into an exhausted sleep. Ending up in the forbidden Krypt territory, Concordia hopes she can negotiate her safe return to her home planet.