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Now, she spends three to four hours, three nights a week, whipping, beating, torturing and humiliating submissives, who, like her, are getting paid for the privilege.

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Then, maybe some hard-core corporal punishment. Clip torture? Think alligator clips. Hair setting clips. Even those little clips you use to hold stacks of paper together. When clients come to her — often getting in touch through word of mouth — she meets with them first to set down some guidelines. This is purely a mindfuck. But if you touched him with your hand, it would be. Touching him with a whip, a dildo, a vibrator or a sausage, for that matter, is within bounds.

These are guys who clean your floors, give you back rubs, help you move or scrub your bathrooms in exchange for a little rough treatment from you. No money changes hands, so the play can get as kinky as you like. And the floors sparkle. However, Glod warns, there can be a few awkward moments when you first introduce them to your lover, and vice versa.

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But Glod points out that her boyfriend knew what she did when they met. I ask what he thinks of her line of work, and he says he chooses not to answer. In addition to being a crusader for sexual liberation, Glod is a crusader for safer sex.

One of the downsides of working in the sex industry, especially in a role which occasionally calls for the release of blood, urine and other bodily fluids, is that health is a prime concern. Besides keeping biohazard trashcans in which to dispose of used materials, she makes sure to sterilize her reusable fetish tools — riding crops, paddles, rope, chains, clips, leather restraints, strap-on dildos — with alcohol and bleach.

Safety in general is also a concern. Not all parts of the body are equally able to withstand being hit, and, believe it or not, there really is an art to safely tying someone up. That society might not be so far off, either. Even MTV rap stars, she says, sometimes wear fetish gear. Who knows where it could go from here?

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Safer bondage techniques, public fetish parties, mom-and-pop whip stores? And in Roman times, orgies were part of everyday life. Just admit it, and your sex life will instantly improve. Trust me. Alisa Gordaneer is MT features editor. E-mail letters metrotimes. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Detroit Metro Times.

15 Most Popular Sexual Fetishes

Getting the kinks out. Leather and mesh, PVC and rubber. Jump to comments. Latest in Culture Detroit is the perfect host for re:publica, Europe's largest annual internet conference Sep 25, Readers also liked… Why nationally celebrated creatives 'the Whlgns' returned to Detroit Mar 7, Most Popular Most Read. October 2- 8, Today Tomorrow This Weekend. Newest Slideshows. Newsletters Never miss a beat Sign Up Now Subscribe now to get the latest news delivered right to your inbox. Made in Michigan. Marijuana for Dummies. Bands to Watch.

From sex to play and a few places in between. Rope as foreplay, positions, accessories, as well as do's and don'ts. Sex Doll's Virginity. DA and KN interview jainey - an owned slave - on her life as being property. This podcast went on for just under 3 hours - this is Part 2 of a 2 part podcast.

This podcast went on for just under 3 hours - so this will be Part 1 of a 2 part podcast - listen in next week for Part 2. DA and KN skip news and answer a listeners question, then move on and talk about the interesting topic of Voyeurism. This is part 2 of a 2 part discussion on the yellow fun. Factors such as taste, smell, colour, and how your diet will affect them.

Beating the Boundaries: An Exploration of BDSM as Religioning

Tips and techniques discussed include catheterization, piss enemas or piss douches, diaper play, drinking piss or even piss Popsicles - are all discussed in this in depth 2 part discussion. This is part 1 of a 2 part discussion on the yellow fun. This will be a 2 part'er. Chloe opens up and shares her kink and professional sex life, as well as her perspective on why men go to sex workers, as well as why some women become professionals. We then follow the discussion thru a few other relevant areas such as Communication, Fantasies, and Limits.

His life and his experience starting and continuing a very interesting podcast aimed at sharing peoples kinky stories. POK is available on I-Tunes. An introduction to electrical play. It has been one amazing ride; our th episode, and into our 3rd year now. Lactation is an interesting kink, and we want to take a drink - LOL.

Dark Angel and KnotNice do the second in a multi-series on Rope; from absolute beginners eventually up to the most difficult of full body suspensions.

"Your First Step Towards Podcast Discovery"

The Dark Side The Dark Side is an Adult, alternative lifestyle educational podcast - involving discussion on relationships, play, sex, and open communication. You, our listeners answered the following post on www. We end with a quick discussion of twitter and read some listener tweets to DA. LOL - What is legitimate "topping from the bottom". The two women went up to the room.

The paladin reached out to extinguish the oil lamp, but the bard stayed her hand. Chevel began to undress the paladin, slowly removing each article of clothing and folding it neatly on a chair, prolonging the procedure. Valeria's muscled body showed several scarsmementos from many battles. The fine white lines did not detract from her beauty. They instead seemed to enhance it, forming a clYPtic guidebook to her past. The bard lightly traced the scars as she removed the paladin1s clothing.

The gesture was intimate and accepting.

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As Cheuel continued to remove the gannents, Valeria's nipples hardened. When the paladin was completely naked, Cheuel gently pushed her onto the bed. She began to. All the while, she kept her gaze on the lovely Valeria, flirting, teasing, and building the anticipation. The paladin enjoyed the show, feeling heat and longing in her groin.