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Lady Bluebeard, Vol. 2 of 2 (Classic Reprint)

Did Lady Bluebeard fake her own death by fire? She was spotted in Chicago years after her teeth were identified in the ruins Her garden was actually a graveyard.

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It has been said that adding more bodies to the cemetery was the equivalent to "growing the garden. You just joined millions of people that love getting smarter every day.

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Andrew Helgelein, left, was among Belle Gunness' victims. His brother, Asle, traveled to LaPorte after he disappeared.

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He withdrew all his money from his bank account before meeting with Belle and was never seen alive again. All of these men who had disappeared after meeting with Belle had loved ones who eventually connected the dots. She claimed she never met him. One day in , Belle wrote her last will and testament and claimed she was afraid for her life. She said Ray Lamphere, an ex-farm worker, was in love with her and very jealous of all of her suitors.

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That same night her house burned down. The farm of Belle Gunness after the fire. Source: indystar.

What Happened to Belle Gunness? Investigators found four bodies inside the house, three children and a decapitated body of a woman. In the burned remains of the house, they found many gold watches. He pointed them to the hog pen. When they started digging, they found Andrew, who had been cut up into pieces.

The Gruesome Tale of Lady Bluebeard

They found several bodies, including that of the foster daughter, Jenny. Because the bodies were all cut up, it was tough to know exactly how many bodies they found. Many more bodies were found in nearby fields, most never identified. Lampere admitted to helping Belle dispose of the bodies. He claimed she killed forty-two people.


Lady Bluebeard. by the Author of 'Zit and Xoe' [I.E. Henry Curwen].

She would give them dinner then drug their coffee so she could smash their heads in with a meat cleaver. Lampere claimed a woman had been killed and Belle chopped her head off so she could fool authorities. Allegedly she drugged her children, killed them and burned down the house. Gunness had emptied her bank account the day before the fire. Many believe she faked her death and left town.

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There have never been any confirmed sightings of Belle Gunness after the fire. Toggle navigation. More from Curious Historian. What Are Totem Poles?

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