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Where better to bring "Dead Flowers" than the Rose Bowl?

She has studied indigenous healing practices and shamanic practices for over a decade. She has practiced and studied under some of the most preeminent meditation masters in both the Theravada and Tibetan schools of Buddhism. She currently travels and teaches workshops, classes and retreats worldwide.

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Event date:. Valentina and Naomi are negatively critiqued for their club night and their runway looks garner mixed feedback from the judges. Trinity and Latrice are declared the top two of the week and Valentina and Naomi are placed in the bottom.

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Latrice wins the lip sync and eliminates Valentina. As an homage to Judy Garland , the queens are tasked with making over the most important men in their lives, dubbed "their best Judys", either their partners or their best friends, to perform a lipsync to a Garland-inspired song, and to create characters and costumes for them in the runway. Manila and Latrice receive negative critiques and are up for elimination.

Monet, Trinity, Naomi and Monique receive positive critiques, with Trinity and Monique declared safe and Monet and Naomi named the winners. Naomi is declared the winner and eliminates Manila.

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At the start of the episode Ru reveals to the queens that the maxi challenge this week is to act in a parody of Sex and the City called Sex and the Kitty Girl 3. On the main stage, the runway category is Cat Couture and the queens are critiqued on their performances in the mockumentary.

A Heart So Fierce and Broken

Monique and Trinity are declared the winners with praise for both their outfits and their performances whilst the other three queens are put in the bottom three and go backstage to plead their case. The final episode begins with RuPaul announcing to the queens that for their final maxi challenge they will have to write, record, and perform a verse to RuPaul's song Super Queen. In addition to this they also have to record a segment with Michelle and Ru for their podcast 'What's The Tee? The queens choreograph the dance moves for the routine with Todrick Hall.

Later they each record a segment of the podcast with Ru and Michelle and talk about how they feel they have improved from their original season among other things.

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  6. The next day on the main stage the queens perform their verses of "Super Queen" with Chad Michaels , Alaska Thunderfuck , and Trixie Mattel performing alongside them having visited them in the workroom the day before. The queens are then praised by the judges on their runway looks with particular praise for Naomi and Trinity.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved November 9, Retrieved January 4, Retrieved January 25, Retrieved November 13, Retrieved December 15, Retrieved December 7, Retrieved January 7, Retrieved January 16, Retrieved January 26, Retrieved February 4, Retrieved February 14, Retrieved February 20, RuPaul's Drag Race.

    Book Category. The rest, as they say, is history. It was the love, admiration, and respect that she had garnered through her work in the film that led her to become the first Indian to present an award at the Oscars in Los Angeles in She also starred opposite Sylvester Stallone in Night Hawks the same year and later appeared in lesser-known science fiction films like Warrior of the Lost World and Mega Force.

    Though her acting career had begun a downward spiral, Persis never lost sight of the bigger goal.

    Back in the US, she leveraged her Star Trek success to campaign for actors from ethnic minority to play ethnic roles, than having white people play roles with bronzed skin. Painful challenges came in the form of a grave car crash in Germany, which left a huge scar on her head in and a coronary bypass surgery in In , she returned to Bombay and appeared in a Hindi television series Shingora and a few cameos in Hollywood television series such as Mike Hammer and MacGyver. Five years later, she was rushed to the Marine Hospital in South Bombay when she complained of chest pains. On 18 August , she suffered a heart attack and passed away at the age of With a scholarship and trophy depicting her in her role in Star Trek, the award is given annually to the top graduating student of the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

    Concert Review: Rolling Stones Gather No Sentiment or Flab at Fierce Rose Bowl Show

    And though she may have gone in flesh, the true force of nature and fierce spirit that she embodied will continue to inspire women for years to come! Rest in peace, Dear Lieutenant Ilia. May you continue to shine in the vast universe with your bright light.