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If I ask about my nature, I find that I am the image of God. If I ask about my end, I find God himself, who is my supreme and total good. Therefore, I will recognize that I have a great bond with and need for God, as He alone is my creator, my maker, my Father, my exemplar, my happiness, my all. Should I not be horrified at the dense darkness of my heart which for so long has considered, desired, and sought anything other than God, who alone is my all?

One of the ways we can participate is by praying the Rosary Meditations for Down syndrome. Please see below for these Rosary Meditations. Robert Bellarmine, I pray for your loving intercession for the needs of those with Down syndrome.

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May you be at the side of every mother with child, that she will have the faith to overcome worldly thoughts and fears that could distract her from recognizing the precious gift of life growing within her. May you be at the side of the parents, families, friends, teachers, and caregivers that they will have the grace to know the Lord's merciful hand is guiding them through life's joys and struggles. May they place their hope and complete trust in Jesus. Robert Bellarmine, help me to keep my eyes open for the opportunity to show my love like Jesus and not to let fear of the unknown prevent me from doing the Divine Will.

I ask you to entrust these intentions to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary that she may place them before the altar of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. Hide my soul within You Lord that worldly thoughts shall not consume me nor distract me from the precious gift of life growing within my womb. O sweet Lord who so loves, so protects, and so nurtures, help me to place my trust in You. O Most Holy St. Robert Bellarmine who was inspired by the Holy Spirit, I implore your miraculous intercession before the Lord to answer my prayer and to be with me while I am pregnant with my baby. Robert Bellarmine, I ask for your merciful hand to guide me with sacrificial love to raise my beautiful child of light, your perfect creation.

Lord, help me to know that Your burden is light and Your yoke is easy as I care for my precious child whose humble soul shines with purity, beauty and the Love of God. O Lord, what is easier, gentler and sweeter than to know the goodness, beauty and love which is my child and You O Lord.

Take the worries and fears away and replace them with Your thoughts of love, mercy, and generosity. Help us to trust in divine providence that all will be according to Your plan. Give the doctors, nurses, and medical staff, patience, gentleness, wisdom, and clarity so as to know exactly what is needed for surgery.

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Make us faithful to God's will. Place your mantle around them as a protection from all harm and evil. My Lord and my God, I cry out to thee with all my heart. Give me the grace to see that this is Your will for me and my baby with Down syndrome. I call upon my holy guardian angel to help me overcome my pride and to teach me docile obedience so that I may submit to Your will, O Lord, and take a leap of faith. Robert Bellarmine, I ask your intercession with God, that He may impart wisdom to eradicate fear of the unknown and to increase my love, courage and strength to recognize God's will.

May I firmly believe that every human life is blessed because God creates us out of love in His divine image and likeness. Lord, with this new day, I know deep down within my soul that You hear my prayer. I know that You can calm any fear that I may have within me. Let me realize that having a baby with Down syndrome will take me on a different path than I had expected, but not necessarily a harder path.

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O Lord, with You I can do all things. Only in You can I find truth and happiness.

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My Jesus, I ask You to give me the grace and strength to combat any feelings or thoughts of uncertainty. Help me to know that this is truly a great honor and gift from You. I thank You for entrusting me with this glorious responsibility of taking care of my baby with Down syndrome.

Jesus, I ask You to increase my capacity to love beyond measure. Blessed Mother, by trusting in God, you overcame your fear and with humility you willingly said "yes".

Place your sweet motherly touch upon me, for you are my mother, my hope and my anchor of faith. I know that you will help me conquer any doubts.

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Blessed Mother, assist me in the virtue of temperance so as to put aside wordly distractions and pleasures and to act according to faith and reason. Help me to set my thoughts and eyes on heavenly treasures. My Father in heaven, enter into the silence of my heart and place Your peace in my soul. Infuse me with tremendous humility and patience that I may willingly trust and cooperate in Your divine providence. As I embark on this new journey in my life along with You and my baby with Down syndrome, I know that I may never completely understand Your ways, but that in time I may learn to accept them and to see that Your plan will bring me far greater joy and wisdom.

Blessed Mother, let me experience the heavenly peace that my baby with Down syndrome will bring to me and to others around us.


Help me to learn how my baby will be able to teach others how to love, live and appreciate life and especially how to choose happiness. Hold me with your gentle loving motherly embrace, so that with you I will always find tranquility and security. Guide me in my spiritual life, so that I will continue to strive to be like you, a good loving mother and a holy virtuous woman. Lord, give me clarity to know that You are the way, the truth and the life. Help me to focus on the needs of my growing baby. Send St. Raphael the Archangel, I beg You, to pierce my heart with the arrow of love, so that I can totally express to You my love and fidelity.

Let there be an immense growth of love in my heart in thanksgiving for my baby with Down syndrome. Entrust to him faith, hope and love, so that he will be able to fully appreciate that our baby with Down syndrome is Your heavenly perfection at hand. Our baby is and always will be a blessing to us, our family and to all people.

My Lord and my God, let me surrender my own will to You. In trust I accept to the best of my ability Your perfect plan for my life and my baby with Down syndrome. You are the one to whom I always need to turn. You are my light, my rock and my salvation. I am Yours.

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Kindly guide me each day and let me now that You are with me during my pregnancy. Direct my path as I raise my beautiful child to know, love and serve You in this world and for all eternity. Recite these two prayers on the last day of the novena :. Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, you were given to us as a mother and teacher.

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Come and teach us through the Lord's grace to be the best mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends that we can for your children with Down syndrome. Help us to accept these children as children so special to you, with gratitude as a beautiful gift from God. Prayer for the intercession of St. Robert Bellarmine. Robert Bellarmine, teacher of the world, intercede for us with our heavenly Father, to guide us in all that we do for and with our children with Down syndrome.

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Enlighten us to recognize and follow God's will in caring and loving these special and heavenly people. Help us to see that these individuals with Down syndrome in our lives as the gift of God to us. They teach us how to live and love beyond measure. We need their simplicity, their laughter, their sweet nature, and most of all their capacity to love. Biography of Saint Robert Bellarmine. Robert Bellarmine was born October 4, Feast day of St.