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First Quarter review. Having been an Anthropology major, once upon a time, and always having been interested in folklore, a big collection of Western Fairy Tales like this is pretty irresistible. It's also pretty enormous - odd pages, so I've decided the only way to make this work both with my reading schedule, inter-library loan, and an attempt to avoid burn-out is to read it in quarters, pages at a time.

The introduction to this collection is fascinating, as Zipes traces what we think First Quarter review. In the 18th Century - cheap publishing allows colporteurs traveling peddlers to disseminate these codified forms all over Europe, increasing their didactic function they are read to the children and non-literate while also being read by oral storytellers of the time, thus reintegrated into the oral storytelling tradition so from oral to lit and back to oral. As I left off the Introduction, the French fairy-tale was about to influence the German oral tradition As might be expected, I didn't dig everything here.

Lucius Apuleius 's "Cupid And Psyche" starts the book as a strong, obvious example of the step from Greek myth in which the Gods seem trapped in a fairy tale. There's a marvelous bit where where Psyche uses a lamp to illuminate her invisible and unidentified husband Cupid whom she plans to kill, but when the light exposes him, the lamp flares up because everything in the world loves Cupid, the God of love!

Some others are fairly straightforward and familiar "Parslinette" is Rapunzel or quirky Jean-Jacques Rousseau 's "The Queen Fantasque" has a very kooky queen and her long-suffering husband dealing with twins gifted by the fairies - it also has some ironic near-snarky meta-comments about fairy-tales that break in on occasion.

Antoine Galland 's "Prince Ahmed And The Fairy Pari-Banou" is also a bit long-winded but fun for both its Orientalist touches and its surprisingly violent ending don't push a fairy too far or you and your royal council may end up beaten to death! The King woos her as their arch enemy, the puppet fairy Magotine, plots against her.

The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales

This story also features an interesting idea where the good fairies cannot undo the malicious fairy's curse so instead opt to gift her with "eventual happiness" thus ensuring she will suffer travails and tests but will come out better in the end. And that's it for now.

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When I pick it up again, I'll finally reach the German tales, which are my favorite! View 2 comments. Nov 19, Tristy rated it liked it Recommends it for: Fairy tale nerds who can really commit! Shelves: historical , myth , scavenged. At pages, this is quite the compendium.

Jung and Joseph Campbell , of course. As with all collections of stories written by different authors, this collection is a mixed bag and unfortunately, more bad than good. While it's fascinating to read fairy tales written by famous authors like Oscar Wilde and Hermann Hesse, there really wasn't a thread to tie them all together. They are listed in chronological order, so the storie At pages, this is quite the compendium.

They are listed in chronological order, so the stories bounce all over the place in style and tone - it was difficult to find my bearings in this vast sea of stories. But kudos to Jack Zipes for compiling such a thorough collection!

Subverting Enchantment

Nov 17, Robert Costic rated it it was amazing. I have read many fairy tale collections and this is the best. At almost pages -- just holding the physical book was an undertaking -- it covers a huge number of tales, spanning from ancient Rome to the late s. It features tales written by well-known writers like H.

Andersen and the Brothers Grimm; tales by authors known in their countries but not necessarily in the United States; and tales that appear translated into English only in this book. With such a huge selection of tales it's i I have read many fairy tale collections and this is the best. With such a huge selection of tales it's inevitable that not all of them will be to each person's tastes, and I did find myself skipping some after finding them plodding; but more often than not I found myself amazed at having discovered another fantastic author, and by introducing me to so many great writers it has helped me to vastly expand my fairy tale reading list.

From oral tales to written tales, the genre of Fairy tales suggest wonder, magic, enchantments This anthology of tales written for adults will amaze and entertain you. Zipes writes an enlightening introduction that includes information on the elements of a wonder tale, the development of the genre, and how he decided to include the the works in this volume.

Jan 17, Brandon Kendall rated it it was amazing. Aug 17, Ann M rated it liked it Shelves: nonfiction. Jun 01, Jenn rated it really liked it. It is quite the colloection, but if you read it straight through some of the stories feel repetitive because they are after all related. Nov 23, Christiane rated it really liked it. The reader goes through a journey of wonder. So far I have read one fairy tale and I am walking on clouds.

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I love it! Oct 30, Hayden Chance rated it it was amazing. Still one of the best collections of fairy tales out there. A ton of great short stories and fairy tales. Some are quite long and others are just a page or 2. Oct 18, Monica Davis rated it liked it Shelves: fairy-tales-folklore-myth. The rich media environment of Re-enchantment offers an extremely immersive experience to explore fairy tales. Each story in its unique way invites you to navigate the historical, social, cultural and psychological layers embedded in the traditional tales, to discover their meaning for adults today and to view the way they are being re-imagined by contemporary artists.

Re-enchantment is a poetic and provocative act of creative interpretation, bringing together digital video, documentary footage, photography, animation, still images and sound. Developed with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission. They were so closely packed together that you could easily have covered them with a large cloak, and all were following the same track. They were closely pursued by two enormous apes, dressed in purple suits, with the prettiest and best made boots you ever saw. The apes were mounted on superb mastiffs, and spurred them on in hot haste, blowing shrill blasts on little toy trumpets all the time.

The king and his equerry stood still to watch this strange hunt, which was followed by twenty or more little dwarfs, some mounted on wolves, and leading relays, and others with cats in leash. The dwarfs were all dressed in purple silk liveries like the apes.

A moment later a beautiful young woman mounted on a tiger came in sight. She passed close to the king, riding at full speed, without taking any notice of him; but he was at once enchanted by her, and his heart was gone in a moment. To his great joy he saw that one of the dwarfs had fallen behind the rest, and at once began to question him. The dwarf told him that the lady he had just seen was the Princess Mutinosa, the daughter of the king in whose country they were at that moment. He added that the princess was very fond of hunting, and that she was now in pursuit of rabbits.

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The king then asked the way to the court, and having been told it, hurried off, and reached the capital in a couple of hours. As soon as he arrived, he presented himself to the king and queen, and on mentioning his own name and that of his country, was received with open arms. Not long after, the princess returned, and hearing that the hunt had been very successful, the king complimented her on it, but she would not answer a word. Her silence rather surprised him, but he was still more astonished when he found that she never spoke once all through supper-time.

Sometimes she seemed about to speak, but whenever this was the case her father or mother at once took up the conversation. However, this silence did not cool the king's affection, and when he retired to his rooms at night he confided his feelings to his faithful equerry. But the equerry was by no means delighted at his king's love affair, and took no pains to hide his disappointment.

The equerry's remarks were full of good sense; but as opposition is only apt to increase love in the hearts of men, and especially of kings who hate being contradicted, this king begged, the very next day, for the hand of the Princess Mutinosa. It was granted him on two conditions. Once married, however, she no longer placed any check on herself, and her ladies-in-waiting came in for plenty of rude speeches—— even the king did not escape scolding; but as he was a good- tempered man, and very much in love, he bore it patiently. A few days after the wedding the newly married pair set out for their kingdom without leaving many regrets behind.

The good equerry's fears proved only too true, as the king found out to his cost. The young queen made her self most disagreeable to all her court, her spite and bad temper knew no bounds, and before the end of a month she was known far and wide as a regular vixen.

And how dare you not make me a deeper curtsy? Tie her to my horse's tail and I'll just carry her at once to the best dancing- master in the town to learn how to curtsy. The old woman shrieked for mercy, but the queen would not listen, and only mocked when she said she was protected by the fairies.

At last the poor old thing submitted to be tied up, but when the queen urged her horse on he never stirred. In vain she spurred him, he seemed turned to bronze. At the same moment the cord with which the old woman was tied changed into wreaths of flowers, and she herself into a tall and stately lady.

Re-enchantment | Sarah Gibson

I have now no doubt of it, and you shall see whether the fairies are to be laughed at. So saying the fairy Placida that was her name blew a little gold whistle, and a chariot appeared drawn by six splendid ostriches. In it was seated the fairy queen, escorted by a dozen other fairies mounted on dragons. All having dismounted, Placida told her adventures, and the fairy queen approved all she had done, and proposed turning Mutinosa into bronze like her horse.