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I liked Jonathan Davis' performance of Rob, but his performance of Ingrid not so much, especially in comparison to Amanda Ronconi's performance of Ingrid.

If they have both male and female narrators why don't they have them perform the male and female parts throughout the book? It's rarely done and it's a question I keep asking. Oh, well, this was mostly a win. Aug 04, Corinna rated it it was ok Shelves: audible-listens. I'm a sucker for fantasy, and frankly, July's other picks from Audible Original mostly sucked. So I chose Molly Harper's novella for a short road-trip listen.

A couple caveats: 1 I read some other reviews and knew to go into this with no anticipation of an in-depth storyline or complex characters. It's a fantasy romance. Nothing more.

Nothing less. Am I alone in this? Maybe I'm just making poor picks. With those two things in mind, this novella was exactly what I anticipated. Entertaining enough to keep me occupied for a couple hours in the car. That said, Molly Harper is pretty decent at writing snark. I'd rate this book a PG with one F-bomb that I can remember and one cringe-worthy, childish conversation about penises.

Because of course someone who has lived in downtown New York wouldn't recognize this as being a social faux pas? Sep 01, Steph's Romance Book Talk rated it really liked it Shelves: part-of-a-series-or-duology , audiobooks , scientists , standalone-but-part-of-a-series , companion-books-read-in-addition-to , ratingstars , short-story-novellas , read-in , smut-o-meterfan , light-fun-reads. This specific video review will be included in the August wrap-up. Jun 17, Aaryn Flott rated it it was ok Shelves: disappointed , dnf , adult.

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Like the concept but not the execution. Aug 24, Just Josie rated it it was ok Shelves: paranormal , romance , 2-stars , audio. I have read a few books from Molly Harper I highly enjoyed. The plot was just a little boring compared to what I normally associate with Harper. R I have read a few books from Molly Harper I highly enjoyed. But Harper is funny. Christian Grey rated it it was ok Shelves: romance-package , audio. It took me a really long time to finish this book. Then the male narrator did great male voices but his main female character voice left a lot to be desired.

This was a total miss for me. So far, it's ok but boring. I'm not a fan of either narrator. The woman sounds more often snarky than not. The man flips back and forth between sounding like he's asking questions or giving radio announcements. Not a fan of the "mystery" around Ingrid's past which mostly feels like a way to extend a nonexistent plotline.

A Nymph’s Tale: A Collection of Whimsical Fables

Not a fan of the whole "well they are tall and beautiful with blue eyes and blonde hair so I must be attracted to them" vibe that's going on here, either. But it was free! NOt my cuppa. I could see the Big Mis coming a mile away. Because the "couple" are really only acquaintances and the hero overstepped his boundaries with someone he barely knew.

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But its not like the heroine had a warm and friendly nature. Honestly, neither of them seemed that interested as described - having no personalities outside of their work and appearance. Well, that's not really true. Ingrid is coldly reserved. View all 6 comments. Jun 09, Lily rated it it was ok Shelves: shifters , dnf , f-m-romance. I honestly only downloaded this cause it was free.

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But I couldn't stand the guy's voice. Its like something was stuck in his throat. Not sexy. And for a nymph with dreams of opening up a creamery for the love of ice cream she was extraordinarily boring. Perhaps too much exposition at the start? I might have cared more if the MC's showed some personality instead of giving dull explanations and summaries. I thought this one sounded adorable and just could not pass it up! I was right in my adorable assumption. Now I keep thinking I need to go back and listen to the other books in the series.

I'm not one who generally listens to stories about paranormal happenings with mythical creatures but this quick little bite tickled my fanciful side. I haven't read or listened to the previous 2 books in the series but that did not take away from my pleasure of listening to this one! I recommend it over and over again! The narrators were fabulous!!

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She sounds a bit aloft but as though she doesn't want to be. I'm seriously digging the accent, I just have a thing for these accents!

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Jonathan Davis is a perfect Rob. He's strong in voice and character but still sounds caring and sweet. They worked well together. I enjoyed the cleanness of the storyline and the light romance. I almost feel as though it was a story about Ingrid as a nymph than it was about Ingrid and Rob.

I think it actually made it more enjoyable for me. Really you can't go wrong with this quick and delightful listen!! Jun 14, Beth rated it liked it Shelves: novellas-and-short-stories , audiobook. A sweet, funny UF about a wood nymph named Ingrid who retreats to a small town in Louisiana to start a creamery and ice cream shop.

Ingrid even has female friends to have "girls' nights" with. What is this?! The worst thing that happens is a misunderstanding between Ingrid and Rob, and that's cleared up without a lot of heartbreak. A cozy story all around. My partner and I listened t A sweet, funny UF about a wood nymph named Ingrid who retreats to a small town in Louisiana to start a creamery and ice cream shop. My partner and I listened to this on a car trip, and he immediately asked me to get How to Date Your Dragon after we were done with this one. Audible was smart to offer this one for free! Jul 02, Carvanz rated it really liked it Shelves: great-banter , audible-romance-pkg , novella , part-of-series-but-stands-alone , male-pov , fantasy , humorous , paranormal , mysteryish , audible.

Audiobook: Narrators - Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis Great job with the characters as always by these two amazing narrators.

We do miss some of the Cajun twang considering Zed and Bael are not in this book as much. This is another fun book in the wacky community of Mystic Bayou. However, I did love meeting Rob Aspern. He was given quite a hard time by Zed in an earlier book. I did get a kick out of the way she treated and reacted to Rob as well as her straight forward attitude in many things.

Jun 13, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: audiobook-challenge. Fun, short listen. I've found that Molly Harper's novellas can often feel like set-up for the next book, rather than something in their own right, but this didn't feel as incomplete as they often do. That said, it's not like much really "happens," and the "big reveal" I don't have a problem with this, slice of l 3. I don't have a problem with this, slice of life stories are fine with me, but I know it bothers some people, so it bears mentioning. I enjoyed it!

It was something nice to listen to while I painted, and I found myself engaged and wanting to hear more, which is all I can really ask for of a quick, free novella. Jun 09, Sun Young Park rated it did not like it Shelves: audible. I hate writing bad reviews but this audiobook was terrible.