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During this time he established a worldwide partner channel network which delivers an excellent service for the customer. CRM supports you in creating long-term customer relationships which guarantees your company maximum success. Digitalization is changing our world — advantages and challenges especially for midsized businesses 2. Customer centricity is crucial for sustainable success 3. Unique customer experiences — practical examples to inspire your digital transformation.

Today, he works at a strategic level with making product and engineering deliver successfully to the customers of Tradeshift. Rolf is based in San Francisco with his wife and two kids. Scaling an engineering organization from 1 to 10 employees is a good challenge. Come and hear how Tradeshift did it — learn how to grow an organization, while still maintaining a healthy growth framework for the individual engineer.

He previously spent 11 years auditing both business and IT processes, including cybersecurity. Having extensive knowledge on business and security processes allows Bogdan to identify, assess and drive implementation of security controls without impeding too much business processes.

Bogdan is highly aware of the current need to adopt security as a mindset and to make it the core business of any company, as it is not an IT issue alone.

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In his current role as Head of Information Security, he is preaching this on every occasion. A true professional with both business and tech skills and over 15 years of expertise in tracking inventory of hardware and software, negotiating with vendors and suppliers, project management and analyzing the cost for the upgrades and maintenance in technology. Of course, we do have access to an even more spectacular amount of mobile solutions that promise us increased productivity and ease of use. Maybe too many, too scattered and somehow still not enough, taking into account the main aspect that should interest us — cybersecurity.

Yes, it would be sweet! Other important moments were marked by the launch of the network in Spain, in , and in Italy, in He is passionate about data and solutions that generate results. Here you cannot succeed and you cannot have good numbers except if you have a quality database, and this is not a one time only action, but rather a permanent process. Joined the company in Previously studied and worked in the United Kingdom and Denmark.

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Digital transformation of any organization starts with the personal productivity of each employee. The time spent on routine tasks is lost time, which you paid for.

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AI-enabled OCR is an integral part of successful and effective productivity tools of the future. Monica is a market research expert, passionate about consumer understanding using leading-edge research methodologies. She has more than 10 years of experience in market research for international and local companies. She was in charge with coordinating research studies for various brands from: telco, media, FMCG, finance, etc. In she set up Wave former WaveTree. Zero the first online community research hub in Romania gathering together specialists from various domains both market research and business experts, as well as anthropologists and designers.

Currently, she leads Wave in running online research communities for top major brands on the market as well as helping local businesses to thrive in understanding their consumers using classical research methodologies. In the light of the recent events which have shattered the amount and importance of sharing data online, people tend to be more cautious with what they say and how they act in regards to different products and services. The main goal of the team is to develop a client-oriented online behavior for eMAG Marketplace partners and offer them tailor-made growth solutions.

At NTT DATA, we walk the talk: our portfolio covers the whole range of digital consulting services as well as the implementation and operation phases — in an agile, secured and cooperative way. The true differentiator is the expertise in all areas: strategy, business consulting, service design, technology — combined with strong industry expertise, which leads to a distinction in our approach: business and technology aligned strategies and solutions, for maximizing customer benefits.

Florin is a marketer with hundreds of active digital campaigns and an extensive experience in developing marketing strategies.

The Basque Language in the digital age (META-NET White Paper)

He is aware of the fine line between reason and emotion and knows that the difference between a good strategy and an exceptional strategy has its deep roots in the mind of the consumer. The online marketing agency that Florin leads, AdMarks Media, is based on a close partnership with its customers and efficient campaigns with strong impact in online. He offers his partners SEO campaigns folded on to their needs and well-structured marketing strategies together with the people he work with.

Forget about the classic presentations in which modified information is exposed only for the sake of attracting attention. For more than 12 years, he has solved the challenges of major leasing players, starting form local companies and up to strong international financial organizations such as Deutsche Leasing. He is now leading the development team for Charisma Enterprise Financial Services and is responsible for all the development projects. Mentor, coach and leader of in his department, he is in charge with the development strategy, integrating new technologies and taking new steps towards democratization of technology.

Laurentiu invites you to step into the future with Charisma EveryWare, one single platform to connect all solutions and services. At the end, he will provide you with a case study to better understand its applicability. Anabela loves digital, especially Pay Per Click marketing that she masters for over 9 years now.

She is dedicated to tailoring custom PPC strategies that dramatically improve the revenue and profits for her clients. Her experience with both large-scale clients seeking international success and SMBs eager to get the most out of their advertising budget, she gladly solved challenges by providing strategies that simply work. Through her webinars as well as her offline classes, she trained over 3.

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  • Anabela believes you can achieve your advertising goals by staying focused on your objectives and flexible in your approach. A deep-dive into the most efficient strategies to leverage Shopping Ads for online businesses. Examples, key insights and best practices unveiled. Experienced in operational improvement for enterprise-level organizations by developing and implementing the most suitable automation technologies, based on the client industry and technical landscape. Involved in all stages of the processes lifecycle, can evaluate the automation potential of a process and propose the appropriate solution.

    The highest goal is transforming any potential project into a long term partnership with the client, based on clear delivery methodologies and transparency. Prior to this he involved in strategic transformation projects including predictive analytics and machine learning. Senior Software Engineer with 12 years experience on VB.

    He has a unique talent for understanding the details of how software runs and how memory is used in the application. This skill led him to achieve success when attempting to fix many bugs, performance problems or memory leaks when the case.

    Port to. When cool tech meets reality is when you get in trouble. In this session, we will share our learnings from porting a legacy medium-sized WebApi application to ASP.

    The Romanian Language in the Digital Age | Georg Rehm | Springer

    We will talk about some of the techniques, major issues, common pitfalls and ways to avoid them on your journey to a modern app. Full-stack software engineer with 10 years experience on. Familiar with Windows Azure cloud development and distributed application architectures, Vasile is now working at UiPath as a Principal Software Engineer.

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    Vlad is a highly skilled business consultant, experienced in Digital Business Transformations, Strategy and Process Administration and Sales Leadership, working intensively with both Telecom and Financial Industries. Identify the most common threats in OpenBanking and potential mitigation paths and solutions in the API Security perimeter. Over the last 12 years, he helped large international customers from Telecom and Banking industries steer their IT strategies to ride the latest technological trends.

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    One of his early achievement in this domain was winning the Open Banking Institute Hackathon in Over the years, Mr. The mission is to promote Samsung mobility solutions for companies, to develop the partners ecosystem and to make Samsung Knox the market leader in the field of mobile device management solutions. Reveal how an AI model from research laboratories can be transformed into an accessible Web API model using Azure ML studio, thus making it available to the real-world scenarios.

    Mihai excelled in the national project based on the results achieved by coaching the sales teams, where he was responsible for implementing a new service of the company in over 90 sales teams with more than employees. In , he built the Furnicuele brand the ants , a cleaning company. After selling this brand to an investment fund just 8 months after its launch, he focused his attention on the development of the Consilo HR brand, under which he created and supported various coaching and sales training projects. Since then, Consilo Web has been outsourcing telesales — customer retention.