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The 1st extraordinary promise: The tree of life

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The 1st extraordinary promise: The tree of life

May the Lord be merciful to us that we would pick up this one way, the way of eating Jesus. Day by day we must eat Him as the tree of life, the hidden manna, and the feast. Then we will be the overcomers. More than forty years ago I read many books about overcoming, and I put the points into practice.

I must testify, however, that they did not work. For example, when I was young I was taught that when our temper rises up, we need to reckon that we are dead. I put this into practice not once or twice but many times. However, I found the secret that the more I reckoned I was dead, the more I was alive.

‘Overcomer’ Film Review: Sports-Centric Faith-Based Drama Preaches, Repetitively, to the Choir

Eventually I lost my temper even more. I tried this many times. When I asked others what the problem was, they told me that I was reckoning without faith.

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That puzzled me very much. No one could tell me what faith is. I spent much time to find out what faith is, but I could not find the definition, and I could not find the way to have faith. I tried again to reckon myself dead, this time with faith.

Faith-based film 'Overcomer' opens in Top 5

Faith is nothing less than Jesus. We cannot have faith in ourselves. Faith is a gift; it is something given by the Lord, and it is the Lord Himself. To be sure, if we have Jesus, we have faith. O Lord Jesus!

Welcome To The Overcomer Ministry

For many years, I did not have the secret of overcoming my temper, but eventually the Lord gave me the secret. Even if we try to lose our temper, we will have no temper. I know this quite well. Previously, the more I reckoned, the more anger I had. There is no other way to overcome. We do not overcome by holiness.

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I read many books about holiness. There are different opinions about holiness.

Overcomer by Mandisa with Lyrics

According to the teaching of John Wesley, holiness is a sinless perfection. He was absolutely wrong about this. At first, I thought they might be right. Then I realized that the rocks on the mountains also do not paint their faces.