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When he desires more, the devil gets impatient, runs him down with a car and claims his soul. Composer Jonathan Purcell spends some days in a nice mansion next to Stonehenge.

And is set in the small European country of Luxembourg. Ever heard of it? An exciting basic idea tree people is run into the ground by horribly embarrassing balloons. Only one story still lettered by hand. First appearance of an artist who gets to be a steady contributor to Ace horror. His artwork is not spectacular, but more than just solid.

Molno and Beck will also be entering the scene at Ace. The cover is out of line. Firstly, here is a new artist at work and secondly, it contains no balloon. Rare exception. The cover is not particularly good, but an unsigned Cameron. I am really glad to have found this signature.

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Proves Jim and I are spot-on in our art spotting. Total defeat of handlettering: Only the balloon on the cover and both one-pagers are done manually. Anyone share that opinion? Handlettering on the rise again: both one-pagers AND a full story done by hand. Ace keeps on shoveling morale: Bad people are justly punished and innocent ones can escape evil.

No surprises in this issue. His jackals are a mixture of apes and rats — and therefore only depicted in seven panels and never in full figure. Could a Sekowsky expert please take care of this?


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The score still stands: both one-pagers AND a full story done by hand. The cover is based loosely on the second story where werewolves make an appearance. An altar in the middle with steps and trees all around? Next to a villa and a small cemetery in front of it? These comic books have never stopped short of the facts. WEB mark a new quality in Ace horror. They are straying from the more tame house-style — either from capacity overload or to zero in on the rough-and-tough of the competition.

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Rear guard battle on handlettering ridge: down to just one story. Again an out of line cover.


A guy who seems to have drawn only these two title pages. In his whole life. A very clever cover. Relates to all stories, because all stories feature characters from the afterlife or underworld. A well-behaved blonde and a devious dark-haired woman love the same man.

The wicked one feeds her victim a love potion. Instantly the guy mutates into a wild ape man, dragging his love interest into the woods. With WEB15 Ace returns to unhurried navigable waters.

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Double feature for Charles Nicholas. In four consecutive issues he will be almost the leading artist. There was one wine bowl which he fashioned in gold that was regarded as among his most beautiful creations The last descendant of the thief dies years later. Letters typeset Leroy lettering Genre horror-suspense Synopsis Young Nadya turns into a vampire on her 21st birthday. She flees the country, gets married to a man who adores her and tries to shake off the vampire heritage. To no avail. Her bloodlust is too strong.

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Nadya is hunted down and dies in the arms of her loving husband. Letters typeset Genre horror-suspense Synopsis In a manor's trophy room, a son murders his father after a threat of disinheritance.

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The trophies of wild beasts come alive and trample and claw the evildoer to death. Using it as a set location, they encounter Priestess Eena in her tomb. Filming ancient rites, the crew is being sacrificed. Eena crumbles to dust, only leading lady Brenda survives, her mind in shambles. May as well be Aces "heavy inker" Mario Rizzi. View Change History. Issue at my. This issue was most recently modified by:. If you believe any of this data to be incorrect, please let us know.

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